The Hungarian Association of Independent Performing Arts (AIPA, in Hungarian: FESZ) is collecting donations for emergency relief for the theatre workers. The Association has established an emergency fund in order to reduce the serious economic impact of the restrictions made due to the coronavirus pandemic being felt also by workers in the performing arts.


Performers, designers and technical staff, who are obliged to work as freelancers, or self-employed, or work for subcontractors of theaters or for independent theatre companies, number nearly 9000 people. They receive their only income from performances, which they are unable to do for an undetermined time. Being without a union or social security, the creative community is entirely unprotected from the economic impact of  the Coronavirus crisis.

An exemplary initiative has been started on social media in order to help freelance artists to weather the storm of the coronavirus pandemic. It is supporting them to find temporary work, so that they have a possibility to survive the current situation. Those who can, have found jobs such as stacking shelves, delivery work, removals, teaching, child care, pharmacy assistants.

The current emergency fund will help workers who need immediate financial support. We hope that the government will provide more emergency support soon, and that the most vulnerable workers in the cultural sector will not remain without a safety net.


The Association of Independent Performing Arts, aligned with the work of the  Solidarity Foundation for Theaters, which collects donations for the performing artist in theaters, is seeking for emergency support for creative artists, and for every backstage worker (including technicians, stagehands, administrators, prompts and assistants, etc.) in theaters.


By 5th  of June a total of 12 200 000 HUF (approx. 34 800 EUR) was distributed between 244 applicants, each receiving 50 000 HUF (approx. 142 EUR ) per capita.

Further donations are being accepted on the following account:

Független Előadó-művészeti Szövetség (Association of Independent Performing Arts)


IBAN: HU06 1620 0106 1166 0206 0000 0000



PayPal account number:    PayPal.Me/fesz2012


Your support is appreciated by us all.

A Független Előadó-művészeti Szövetség segélyalapjának honlapja